Companies are looking to the AppExchange to increase the business value provided by their Salesforce platform. With 4,000+ apps and 2,000+ consulting firms, identifying the best option is time consuming, costly, and filled with risk.

InVisory's proprietary algorithm and database help teams quickly find, compare, and negotiate app and consulting firm purchases that drive increased growth, operational efficiency, and cost avoidance.

Our Solution

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Focused, Data-Driven Vendor Insights

Identify and evaluate the best apps for your needs by leveraging our database and algorithm. Our data-driven approach ensures you’re getting high-quality, unbiased recommendations on vendors.

App & Consulting Firm Selection

Leverage our database, insights, and algorithm to find the best apps and consulting firms for your Salesforce project needs. Or, submit a project request and we will provide a shortlist of the top vendors based on your requirements.

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Why InVisory

Our Approach

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We are the AppExchange experts. We exist to help companies get the most out of their Salesforce investments.

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We evaluate AppExchange vendors based on a data driven approach. Our proprietary algorithm provides objective scores for vendors.

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Getting good advice shouldn't break the bank. Our solution costs a small fraction of a typical services engagement.

Benefits of Working with InVisory

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More Revenue

Increase revenue with the top growth-driving apps in the Salesforce ecosystem

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Faster Sales Cycles

Shorten sales cycles by leveraging the top sales enablement, engagement and intelligence apps

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Reduced Costs

Avoid expensive custom development projects by identifying off-the-shelf apps that meet your needs.

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Greater Efficiency

Streamline operational processes across the board with the best apps for every Salesforce product

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Improved Automation

Reduce time-consuming and error-prone manual work by taking advantage of automation-focused apps

Example Use Cases

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Fortune 500 Consumer Company

“We are replacing our digital adoption platform, and have struggled to identify a solution that seamlessly integrates with Salesforce and provides the same capabilities of our existing vendor.”

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E-Commerce Company

“We need to improve our contact and firmographic data. It looks like there are a number of app categories that could be relevant, such as sales intelligence, market intelligence, and lead management. Can you help us determine which category we should be evaluating, and who the leading vendors are?”

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FinTech Company

“We're having issues with email deliverability in Pardot and want to see if there are any off-the-shelf solutions that can help. As part of this, could you also recommend a system integrator partner who can support the implementation?”

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Our low-cost annual subscription model includes:

“Given there are now thousands of consulting firms for each cloud platform, customers are struggling with identifying, evaluating, and selecting the best consultants for their services needs. It is time-consuming, there is not a centralized hub for insights, best practices, or data analysis, and many customers are frustrated by not feeling like they have clarity on resources needed for a project, skill level of the consultants assigned, the cost for the project, and proposed quality of delivery.”
— Patrick Cronan
“The increasing importance of marketplaces as a discovery and purchase model for B2B buyers is clear; however, the growth in the number of providers and sellers in these marketplaces has also created challenges for buyers to discern the best fit for technology and services. Offerings like Invisory can help buyers and sellers in marketplaces align better in their mutual fit.”
— Chris Dalton
Co-founder and CEO of Acquity (acquired by Accenture) and CEO of CloudCraze (acquired by Salesforce)

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